With your family, your friends, your colleagues. Teams up to 12 players.

Virtual Games Park experiences last 20 minutes.

For the whole family, 12 years and up.

A unique, innovative experience that leaves you wanting more! Virtual Reality like you have never experienced!


VR Headset

  • The highest resolution currently.
  • High Contrast AMOLED Screens.
  • AKG integrated headphones.
  • Unmatched communication quality thanks to its network of microphones.

Backpack PC VR

  • A monster of power on your back.
  • Light and enduring for your missions, with a flawless autonomy.
  • The only true way to discover wireless VR without sacrificing visual quality.
  • Amazing graphics for an ultimate experience.


  • Multipurpose rifle, and multipurpose controllers.
  • Dedicated to your missions.
  • Precise and comfortable handling.
  • Unmatched autonomy and endurance.
  • Models for right-handed and left-handed people.




Cutting edge technology

The virtual reality entertainment solution of Virtual Games Park uses the latest technologies to offer new and immersive experiences. Both our equipment and technology are the best on the market for intuitive use, both for recreational centers and players.

Full immersion

The hyperreality immersion offered by Virtual Games Park appeals to all your senses. Virtual Games Park pushes the realism of the experiences to an extreme level, for ultimate pleasure.

How does it work ?

Unlike some alternative solutions, the Virtual Games Park technology does not depend on multiple sensors to install and manage. Our solution is much simpler and reliable; everything is supported by headsets, laptops and servers, all without any wires. As for the real-time tracking, if it does not use sensors, it is simply thanks to the revolutionary algorithm of real-time spatialization developed by Varonia Systems (which commercializes Virtual Games Park), based on the Microsoft's technology.

Solid and reliable equipment

Virtual Games Park goes further than the "simple" virtual reality. Full immersion is allowed thanks to dedicated equipment and accessories. To make our solution and delivery viable, we used the best of technology. Thus, all devices and equipments are guaranteed to meet the many intensive uses required for the games and experiments offered.